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Torrungruang Co., Ltd. is well recognized in Thailand's narrow woven textile industry as a specialist in manufacturing high quality Polypropylene (PP) Multifilament Yarns (High Tenacity and Medium Tenacity PP Yarn), tapes, webbings, belts, braiding cords, and ropes at competitive prices. We engage in producing not only PP Multifilament yarns, but also various kinds of webbings, braiding cords and other textile items made in Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, and Spun materials.

We are the first company in Thailand's narrow woven textile industry who operates in complete manufacturing process from the spinning yarns plant to weaving narrow fabrics plant. Apart from manufacturing, we have our own distribution centers for wholesale and retail markets.

At Torrungruang Co., ltd, we value and enjoy our strong and comprehensive infrastructure with the total of almost hundred machines; all imported from renowned Europe machine companies. By integrating our high experienced technicians and well-trained workmen to work in production on the state-of-the arts machines, we can ensure our clients no less than superior quality of our products.

Fast and timely delivery of exceptional quality products and services at competitive prices are our promise to you as a value customer.

    Products Quality

    Under Torrungruang with the leading expertise  in string industry.
    Therefore, the company is accepted by domestic & international     customers. The company applies the principles of responsibility and
    punctuality for the maximum benefit of the customers needs.



























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